Meet Your Instructor: DJ Serafin

1. What is your best memory of camp?
Camp fires and the pool parties !!
2. Describe a moment at camp that inspired you or an “ah ha moment.”
Seeing how talented the kids are inspires me to be a better at my craft.
3. What is your favorite camp activity, workshop, guest speaker or class
and why?
I have to say the Ice Breakers is my favorite, It’s nice to see everybody comes out from their comfort zone.
4. What triggers throughout the year remind you of the kids from Camp Spin Off?
My kids, seeing them everyday and wish they are of age to attend camp spin off. Plus they use CSO water bottles for school , lol
5. Give a “pro tip” to any first time campers attending Camp Spin Off this summer.
Let your hair down and relax and get ready for the time of your life !
6. What motivates you the most to volunteer your time at Camp Spin Off?
Being around industry professionals and hoping to learn a thing or two
7. What jobs did you work prior to becoming a full time DJ!
I was a pro skater and an actor.
8. What are your future goals or new projects on the way as a DJ?
My Soda Water EP just dropped on June 6. Looking forward to share that with the kids.
9. When did you realize that you wanted to be a DJ?
I cant say i knew that I wanted to be a DJ, i can say that at a young age i love djing but never thought that djing would be a full time job.
 10. What are some must have items for camp?
Bug spray, Sun Block & Flashlight.
 11. If you could bring any DJ with you who would it be and why?
dj that wears a mask while djing. I want to ask him/her why wear the mask.
 12. What are your top 3 favorite songs?
this is a trick question, my EP just dropped , so I have to say ,
1. DJ Serafin – Soda Water
2. Frank Sinatra – Fly me to the Moon
3. Anything Flume is awesome right now
 13. How would you describe Camp Spin-Off to someone?
it’s the future of summer camps where kids can explore their creativity through today’s technology with industry’s top professional preparing them achieve their goals in life.

14.Where can we find you on social media?

@djserafin of all platforms
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