Camp Experience: Ryan Pau

Hey whatsup everyone!

My name’s Ryan, and I go by the DJ name KungPau. I want to give a big shoutout to the BEST summer camp ever, Camp Spin-Off. Back in 2012 I entered for a scholarship provided by Traktor, and I won. As a new and aspiring DJ, I was able to learn skills in DJing and producing at camp. I also had the opportunity to hang out with a variety of professional DJs and made a ton of new friends.

Although I outgrew the age limit to attend camp, I decided to come back in the Summer of 2016 to volunteer as a staff. I was reminded of how great all the pool parties, lunch time DJing, and campfires were once again. Camp Spin-Off is truly meant for those who want to live, learn, and breathe DJing. IT IS A SUMMER CAMP LIKE NO OTHER!

Hope to come back soon!

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