Camp Spin Off to Deckstar

I attended Camp Spin Off as a camper in 2012 and 2013. Once I completed my final year at camp I knew I wanted to come back as a volunteer and give back. I reached out to Tina T to find out how I could volunteer and was given the position of being the social media coordinator. Through the years my role with Camp Spin Off has grown and it has helped me to decide what career path I want to take. Currently I am going to school for marketing and spending my summer in California interning for Deckstar Management.

With my fourth week interning starting I can’t help but feel grateful for Camp Spin Off and all the opportunities I have received through it. I attended camp with the idea that I would one day be a DJ, however, I ended up falling in love with the business aspect of the music industry. Being at my internship has felt unreal, knowing that I am working at a desk a few feet away from Steve Aoki’s manager and Blink 182’s manager is always such great motivation to keep me going through the day. In my first week alone I was able to do some digital marketing work for Steve Aoki, Vicetone and The Glitch Mob. I am learning how to utilize all my resources a lot better than I did before. While making a move from Houston to Los Angeles for the summer has not been easy it is definitely paying off, I am learning from the best and loving every second of it. I’m excited to see what the coming weeks have in store for me and I can’t wait to apply what I learn at Deckstar into my work with Camp Spin Off.

Thank you so much DJ Tina T and Candice Corbett for helping me get to where I am today!

-Josseline Pacaja

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