From Boys & Girls Club To Camp Spin Off

I learned about Camp Spin Off from my Boys & Girls Club. I always wanted to learn how to Dj, so as soon as I turned 13 I asked the teen director (Clarence) to teach me. I got the hang of it pretty quick, but I still had a long way to go. When I
started to learn, Clarence told me about [Camp Spin Off] and I jumped at the chance to improve my skills. To prepare for the battle, I had to make my own playlist. As the day of the battle got closer I got more and more nervous. When the battle finally got here I was a wreck. My stage fright was eating me from the inside out. In the end I got through it and as a reward I got a full scholarship to Camp Spin Off.
Camp Spin Off was by far the highlight of my summer. The knowledge and experience I gained from it was priceless. I met new people and learned new tricks to help me DJ. All because of this camp I have gained the
confidence to become abetter DJ. Thanks to this I have gone back to the Boys & Girls Club to pass on the knowledge that I gained. My favorite part about Camp Spin Off was the people there. Everyone was really nice and helpful. I felt at home there because I knew that no one was judging me. Before camp I was afraid of performing in front of people, but thanks to this I have partially overcome this fear.
I also had a great experience handling new equipment that I hadn’t even heard of before. I was quite fond of the Traktor controls. They had a ton of effects, and they were really easy to use. I really enjoyed using Abelton with DJ Serafin. Aside from Djing, the camp had many fun activities. I loved the zip line, the rock-climbing wall, but I never did make it to the top. My favorite part was the pool parties, even if it was only 5 feet deep.
Overall this was a great experience and I improved as a DJ. I will continue to learn and grow and hopefully become an amazing DJ.

– Bryan Martinez/Camper 2014