Meet Your Counselor: DJ Ivy

1. What is your best memory of camp?

making so many new friends!!!

2. What is the most valuable lesson learned at camp?
Never to take your own life for granted. You never really know what people are going through on the inside until you get a chance to meet so many new people and share stories and life up bringings. If someone is extra quiet or shy, take the time to talk to them and see what’s going on with them and try to make them feel like part of the group. You can truly touch someone by making that extra effort.
3. Describe a moment at camp that inspired you or an “ah ha moment.”
so many of the young girls that would look up to me and say some of the coolest and nicest things–complimenting me, wanting to be like me and I always think to myself– “who is really paying attention to what I do or say anyways?” and then realizing that every single girl and youngster there is watching your every move and wanting to mimic it! That was super flattering and humbling, and then it made me realize that people are really paying attention to me so always make sure to be mu best self.
4. What is your favorite camp activity, workshop, guest speaker or class
and why?
I loved the hands on DJ classes and challenges – the troubleshooting challenge was a good one! Loved scratching class and also loved when DJ Vice came to speak. He’s a great role model.
5. What triggers throughout the year remind you of the kids from Camp Spin Off?
when anyone says “WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSSSSE”
all the counselors – on social media, seeing them, etc
any young kid aspiring DJs
DJ Vice
6. Give a “pro tip” to any first time campers attending Camp Spin Off this summer.
prepare to have fun! come with your best attitude ready to meet new people, bring bug spray and lots of layers:)
7. What motivates you the most to volunteer your time at Camp Spin Off?
The reward of touching the hearts of others and mentoring young kids
8. What jobs did you work prior to becoming a full time DJ?
video store sales clerk, customer service at a dog groomery, retail sales person, visual merchandizer for stores, fashion designer
9. What are your future goals or new projects on the way as a DJ?
graduating production school in June
Djing more internationally and traveling around the U.S.
Making mixtapes, releasing some remixes

10. When did you realize that you wanted to be a DJ?
when I was 15
 11. What are some must have items for camp?
approved snacks
shower / bathroom supplies
phone charger
 12. If you could bring any DJ with you who would it be and why?
Bella Fiasco but she’s already coming!! I <3 her!!!
 13. What are your top 3 favorite songs?
currently :
1) Rihanna – Needed Me
2) Majid Jordan – Every Step Every Way
3) Justin Bieber – Company

14. How would you describe Camp Spin-Off to someone?
One of the most amazing and life changing experiences you will ever have! I honestly cannot express in words how much I loved it. Touching the hearts of moldable, shapable youngsters who just want to learn from good successful and talented people.Where can we find you on social media?
twitter + IG @djivy
facebook + soundcloud /djivyla
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