From Boys and Girls Club to Camp Spin Off

I learned about Camp Spin Off because one day I went to the Boys & Girls Club and saw
some friends participating in a DJ battle. At the end, they all won a scholarship to go Camp
Spin Off. When they came back from Camp Spin Off they said it was the best time they ever had, so I wanted to go and experience this amazing camp too. I prepared for the battle by creating a playlist and practiced mixing them into each other. I tried to find songs that would go best with each other and have the best transitions between songs. Another thing I did to prepare was practice finding the beat of the songs. The last thing that I did to prepare for the battle was letting people listen to my set and asked if the songs sounded good. They said it was fine.

The time I spent at Camp Spin Off was the best time I had this year. I met new people and I
learned new things that I didn’t know before. Some new things that I learned were ways to
practice how to scratch and the basic scratches. An other new thing that I learned was a name a DJ goes by is the one thing besides the Logo that is important and it is the thing that will describe who you are and the way you act. The last thing that I learned that was important is that you should have confidence in yourself and what you’re doing because if you don’t have confidence people can tell if you’re shaky and worried. My highlight of the year was going to Camp Spin Off and meeting new people and learning new things.

– Jesus De La Cruz/Camper 2014

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