After Camp Stories: ThreeSixtee


I was excited to hear I would be returning to camp spin off as a T.A. This was a great experience for me and the students to have an opportunity to do what we are so passionate about.  I enjoyed watching all the kids learn and improve their skills as DJ’s. It was also great to see how many students stayed after class to learn more about mastering different skills like mixing or scratching. The best experience for me was when we played a game in teams about trouble shooting typical problems that would occur as a DJ. It was a ton of fun seeing all the team’s work together, compete against other cabins. At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun while learning. As once told to me by a wise DJ, “Stay Hungry” (Mr. Choc – Beat Junkies). Keep wanting it! You will be surprised by the great things you will accomplish.


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