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I started going to Camp Spinoff in 2013. 2015 was my third year, and it was by far the best year yet. From the late-night conversations in my cabin to the pool parties, this year was amazing. At the beginning of the week we went through ice breakers, got our swag bags, and watched all of the counsellors show their skills on the turntables. My favorite counsellor sets were DJ As-Is’s set and Serafin’s Mercedes Benz trap thing. This year, one new thing we did was the surprise challenges every night. They added a whole new level to the camp experience, and some of them even offered prizes for the winners. As-Is’s cabin won a few of the challenges, including the photo challenge and the turntable trouble shooting challenge, and we got third in the social media challenge. There were a lot more activities and things to do after classes this year. We had two pool parties, one with Vice, and the other with Jayceeoh and Dynamix. We had As-Is’s Scratch Menagerie every night. We told scary stories and went on a night hike. Every year, Spinoff gets better, and I can’t wait to come back next year!

-Jordan Sobrino aka Crying Rhino


Camp Spin-off was one of the best weeks of my life. I got to sit down with amazing counselors, Yo Yolie, Bella Fiasco, & DJ Ivy, and gain such insight into DJing and advice for the beginning stages of my DJ career. The production class really sparked an interest to dive into learning production while the scratching class helped me develop my skills and learn new scratches. The friendships I gained at Camp Spin-off will last me a lifetime and I am extremely thankful for them. A big thank you to Tina T and the team behind Camp Spin-Off for the best experience.

-Alejandra Rios



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