After Camp Stories: Jayceeoh


This past year was the first time I had the chance to stop by Camp Spin-Off. It was a great experience to come and talk to the kids, tell some stories and hopefully inspire the campers to take their love for DJing to new levels. I had a blast during the Q&A by the camp fire. (Smores were so good!) The campers were all very into it and asked some interesting questions that I had a good time answering. The next day I jumped around some different classes and was great to see how Camp Spin-off is teaching all aspects of what it takes to be a successful DJ. Producing, marketing, branding, skills, etc are all important aspects of being a DJ these days. Then we capped off my experience by throwing a Pool Party were I played a set at. Because at the end of the day, Its all about throwing down a sick set and rocking the party!


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