Meet Your Counselor: DJ Crykit

1. What is your best memory of camp?
Teaching a breakdancing workshop at Camp in 2013
2. Describe a moment at camp that inspired you or an “ah ha moment.”
Creating vision boards, writing down my DJ goals, and learning a new way to organize my brand’s visions.

3. Give a “pro tip” to any first time campers attending Camp Spin Off this summer.

Be open to meeting and connecting with everyone and anyone at Camp. You never know where the friendships and networking will take you moving forward. Anyone at camp could be the next Diplo, Skrillex, Calvin Harris, A-Trak etc!

4. What motivates you the most to volunteer your time at Camp Spin Off?
Meeting the next generation of music lovers and performers.

5. What jobs did you work prior to becoming a full time DJ!

I taught gymnastics, worked retail for Stussy and Kid Robot, taught breakdancing after school programs.

6. What are your future goals or new projects on the way as a DJ?

I’ve been working on a DJ / Piano duo with a super talented pianist who writes his own covers of popular commercial music and plays 4 different keyboards over my DJ set 🙂

7. When did you realize that you wanted to be a DJ?

After going to my 1st rave in 1997. I’ve always loved music and would record my own “mixtapes” on cassette from the radio on my boombox. When I saw a real DJ in person I fell in love with how they commanded the room, made people dance, and they loved what they were doing.

8. If you could bring any DJ with you who would it be and why?

DJ Presto One. He is unbelievably talented as a turntablist, DJ, producer, remixer, music lover that always inspires me and opens my mind to new DJ techniques and is a really great teacher!

9.Where can we find you on social media?

Snapchat: @crykit
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