Fundraise Your Way To Camp

We have many campers each year ask us how they can get the needed funds to attend Camp Spin-Off, so we have decided to make a list to help our future campers!

The following is a list of ideas to fundraise your way to camp.

-Bake Sale: Having a bake sale wether it be cookies or cupcakes is a great way to earn some money.

-Babysit: Get in contact with family and friends and take on some babysitting gigs!

-Petsitting/Walk dogs: Try asking your community if they need help watching over or walking their pets.

-Yardsale:  Taking out things that you no longer need is a great way to clean up and make some extra money.

-Give Lessons: Wether it is DJing, producing, or dancing many of our campers have a wide variety of talents, take advantage of that and offer private lessons to earn money!

-Tutoring: Talk to your classmates and offer a hand by tutoring them.

-Car Wash: Set up signs and have a car wash you could also set up a lemonade stand to make some extra money aside from the car wash!

-Media:  Post on your media what you are trying to do.  Starting a GoFundMe page explaining why you want to attend camp is a great way to raise money.

We hope that some of these ideas help you get to camp!

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